700c xtr disc wheels for MTB

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coach pat
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by coach pat

I want to use my MTB as a back up cross bike and to commutte to work. I know can just put 26" slicks or 1.5s on but I would rather try 700c wheels.

Since I use disc brakes (XTR) can I just build a set of disc 700c wheels? I already have an extra set of XTR disc hubs.

I put some other 700 wheels on to check for tire clearence, which was fine, but had a problem with the spokes hitting the disc brake caliper.

Any tips? Ideally, I just swap out wheels when I want w/o adjusting the calipers or brakes.

Thanks for the help,


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twistyaction usa
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by twistyaction usa

Go for it. The interference between your disc caliper and your non-disc wheel spokes was because you weren't using a disc hub. I don't see why you'd have a problem otherwise as long as you've considered tire clearance. Any other questions? Repost with the results.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

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