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by peterf1963

I used a compact with a 46/34t in my last race (which was my first) and found the 34 to be overkill. If it was steep enough to need my 34/26 combo I was faster running (or briskly walking..) anyway. My next race is fairly flat and the only climb is on the paved section, so I am going to try a 46/39t crankset (Campy btw). What are most folks using?

by Weenie

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by Ghastly

i'm also using a campa chorus non-compact crank, with 46-39 chainrings, works fine for me!

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by mattr

46/38 here, paired with a 12/27 cassette.

Missus runs the same.

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the Repeater
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by the Repeater

For my races this year I used a 44-39.

I only used the 39 for one long, rutty, rooty climb. The rest of the time was spent in the 44. Just don't shift the front... It's so easy and lovable not to!
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by ParisCarbon

46/39 on Chorus UT

TA 46T ring

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by marko

46-36, but I have a 25 in back. I think the 39 would be a good match as well. We never know until we get to a course if you will be running or riding the hills. this year it's been more running so I could have gone a 42 or 44 alone up front.

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by Hein

42 front, 12/26 rear

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by ls

38/44 for me, 12-27 block.
I can count the number of times I've needed bigger than the 44 on one hand.

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by dudad

Single Ring (42)
12-27 rear
Nice and simple- and lighter.
Works for me.

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by welcomdmat

I am another 42 on the front and I have a 12/25 on the back. I came across my first time needing something bigger than a 42 this past weekend but it was not enough to cause me real race results. I have run a 46/39 previously as well with success.

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by collegiateRacer

I run a single 42t on one bike and a 39-46 on the other. I have 11-23 and 12-25 cassettes. like others have said, if you need anything easier then a 39-25, it might be faster to run. sometimes in mud though it's nice to have something easy.

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by lancejohnson

I have a bike going together with a 36/44 front and an 11-25 rear. Otherwise a 42 single ring or 38/46 with a 12-26 cassette on most stuff. The 36/44 is just something to try out and see how it works...

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by choylifut

my suggestion is to use a big ring that you can use most all of the time. It effectively makes your chain shorter and less likely to be dropped.

I use a 44 x 39 and use the 44 like a single ring. There's been 2 out of 12 races so far where I needed the 39, but is was nice to have it.

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by peterf1963

Thanks for all the great advice. It sounds like thesuper small ring like the 34t really has no use, but perhaps a 44t big ring may be a nice option.

by Weenie

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