Canti Brakes, better choices?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by bigskyTi

I was going to convert my CX build to discs for a unique look and better stopping power, but the el-cheapo wheelset I got in the other day was damaged and heavier than my current wheels by about a pound.

I wasn't really looking to turn this bike into a weenie, but giving up that much weight (plus the actual brakes) is really making me think.

I'm running Avid Shorty 6's now, and just changed over the Ultegra shifters to Record (which I find to have better stopping power on the road) and wondered if there is a better choice of brake/pad I can try before going full boat into building a 'light' set of disc wheels.

BTW how much does a good set of CX clinchers weigh? (I need to be able to change tires easily)

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the Repeater
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by the Repeater

Check this forum, I believe weights were posted for the Challenge clinchers and perhaps some other great tire...

As far as brakes, if you want power, I have the Shimano cantis right now, and they compete with their caliper brakes. Soooo stiff. The pads are probably a big part of the equation, and though I prefer brakes to have more mud clearance, these are the best canti stoppers I've ever tried.
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by Weenie

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by HH

Yes, I had Avid Shorty 4s (basically same as 6). Switched front (only front) to inexpensive Tektro 720 and was amazed at improvement. I haven't even gone whole-hog yet and upgraded pads to cool stop or swiss stop as I haven't felt the need.

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by marko

Tires are around 330 to 430 and add 110g for a tube. I see Elmer has a mention of Challenge latex tubes arriving soon, that would be cool. Width and knobs add weight. I would stick with the 32-34 width, leaning to 32. My side grippy and cheap IRC MYthos weigh 330, with a tube 440, that's what a light Challenge tubular weighs, so not too bad. My other super wide super knobby pair weigh a hefty 430, then add the tube.

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