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by scotty

Hi all,

I'm more of a roadie with some MTB experience.
I'm looking to get my first bike to do a few races (probably a max of 5), I'll also be using this as my training bike.

I'm just wondering people's opinion on the bike below, it's been in my local shop for a while and they will do it for €800. This seems pretty good to me!!

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by cswi9367

looks like a nice low budget entry level CX bike. especially since your new, there is no reason to have a top of the line CX bike. it just gets beat on and torn up. buy it, try it and make sure you like the sport first. ive been riding CX for years, and highly competitive in my area and i still ride an old beat up CX bike. whats the point in throwing expensive parts on something that will never perform correctly. face it, road parts cant take the abuse and the first log jump or mud pit you take, they wont work perfect anyway. plus, there isnt a lot of shifting in CX anyway.

good luck. you will have a great time. enjoy it.

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by Stolichnaya

At that price range, you should check into Redline's Conquest and Conquest Pro. Not much gets close to the Redlines in that budget range.

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by scotty

I got the bike and upgraded the bar and stem to PRO ones.

I haven't taken it off-road yet but am hoping to get a few races in before the end of the season.

It's far from being a WW.
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