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520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

Hey everyone, i just picked up a slightly used set of zipp 303s from a friend for practically nothing. I planned on using these tubbies for road races etc, but i was wondering if they could "cross over" (no pun intended) to a cross bike. They are 20 hole front and 28 hole rear. I weigh 150 lbs.

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by Adrien

Hmm.I think it's better if you don't .

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by Mulle

The 303's are too fragile.
I know a friend who uses the 404 (60mm deep Rim) for Light MTB-courses. I build a bombproof "404 wheelset" only used/brought the Rim for my racer too.

The 404 Rim works perfect - and is super stiff.

But you need some special spoke setting - not the normal X-times crossed.
But It's to much writing to tell you how - I did a work at the university about this, so I would say I know a bit about experiments like this.

Well you can experiment yourself if you like to, one tip:
If you know how to, then calculate the forces on the wheel (all forces! Radial - Lateral and Axial) and divide them on the number of spokes needed to take the action of a offroadride plus the spoketension from the other spokes.
You'll see that the wheel at its optimal spokesetting isn't like the standard crossed builts at all. Theres a lot of good but also bad stuff about different builds on the net.
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by jeremyb

yeah i read on roadbikereview cx forum about several guys riding 303's that broke them at last years nats, i think it was.


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