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by dlight

So I did my second cross race of my life and totally enjoyed it. I think it had something to do with taking a clinic and learning and so practicing the proper skills. The first race was painful and miserable. And I came back for more.

I had a few mechanical problems but it didn't really make a difference to me, I had a blast. I can't get enough of the craziness.

So where can I find more info on cross. I've read everything I could find (i.e. here, cyclocrossworlds, one plus lap, the new simon book), so is there other sites that I could indulge in more?

Where can I find videos of races other than nathanspear and youtube?

I am an addict. If I could afford it, I would race both days every weekend. But I had to budget and race only one race each week until X-mas. So is this normal for people getting into cross for the first time?


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by marko

Yes, and it means you have a mental illness. But it's better than the paranoia and dillusions you experience before the event.

by Weenie

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