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by Omega

Can someone please post me some links to where I can see a good selection of cross tires online for purchase? Also any recomendations to what I need to be running.

** Pref - online stores in North America ...
I am new to cross and will be riding in semi dry to fast courses.


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by JBV

All of those are good tires, the two Hutchinson models are good for semi-dry to fast courses, as are the Schwalbe Fast Freds. Michelin Muds, Panaracer Cinder-X, and Schwalbe Racing Ralphs will be good in all conditions, even if it gets crappy wet.

by Weenie

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the Repeater
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by the Repeater

What tires you run depend on where you live and the type of course.

Tufo tread is a good starting point, if not that great of a tire (too firm.)

One of my favorite tires is a Continental Twister with the outer nibs shortened with diagonal cutters.
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