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by ParisCarbon

My specs -
Ride a Paris Carbon 59.5, 59 top tube, 11 stem (probably will go back to a 12 over winter as I changed to a shallow bar with less reach) Mt inseam is a very long 92.7cm , but I am just under 6'1 in height....

2 dealers in the US told me I need a 58 Crosswind

Ridley emailed me back today and told me to get the smaller 56


by Weenie

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by koser

ok... here goes...

A 56cm i ridley terms are what others call a 60cm... their messure goes from midt BB to midt top tube and not to top of seat tube (..as everybody else) that´s why they suggest that you get a 56cm....
check out the specs on their web page... meaning the messures!

i ride 56cm c´dale (56cm m-m toptube) and have ridden 52cm cross ridley...(52cm ridley cross is 56 cm m-BB to top steat tube)

remember that your cross frame have a shorter top tube :D
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by ParisCarbon

Thanks Koser...

I was figuring the same, but was looking at how much shorter the toptube is on the Ridley vs my Paris (59 on the Paris with a 12 stem and shallow drop bars) compared to the 56... Is it true that the total reach should be about 2 cm less on your crossbike than your road bike (and the bars higher as well) I was thinking the 56 toptube then with a Deda 12 stem and anatomic bars would give me sufficient reach?

Thanks for the help!

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by mosovich

I didn't go with a Ridley. I ride a 57 Orbea with a 57 tt. The ridley I would've ridden was a 54 with a 54 TT. Way to short, and a 56 I couldn't stand over.

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