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by ross313

Tire selection question: I am looking for suggestion on tire selection/ tire pressure. I'm dying to use my skinny28cm fast tubular tires but I'm leaniing towards a 38cm clincher with aggresive tread.
I race in Michigan. Most courses ar a combination of 50 to 70%fresh cut grass and a 30 to50% combination of 2-track, single track and pavement with a occassional sandy area thrown in. Course layouts have extensive use of 180 degree switchbacks. Conditions can range from hard pack to mushey.

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

can you use Stans no tubes system on Cyclocross clinchers? That would be a good go between tubulars and clinchers. Sorry, doesn't really help your question.

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by Stolichnaya

Try Tufos in either the tubular or clincher/tubular. There are various models/quality grades to fit your budget and terrain. With the tubulars use the new Tufo Extreme Gluing Tape during the winter. Also use the Tufo tire sealant. You can run low pressures and they are not outrageously priced. The website provides good information about their tire models and installation/care technique videos.

Racing Aardvark
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by Racing Aardvark

Go for the Tufo T/C in 34mm. Throw the sealant in and voila, good to go!

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by zach

I run continental cross countrys on my mtb at 65 psi and they climb really well and don't pack up much.

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