What is the best pedal for cyclocross

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by sub10

bobalou wrote:Anyone ever try the speedplay frogs? I'm thinking about getting a pair.

Did ride frogs for 2 seasons (mtb in muddy denmark).

Its a nice pedal, and i really like the idea of not having any forces in sideways movemnet. BUT!!!

They dont come close to my current Crankbrothers in performance.
I think the Egg beater is the Peadel for fast entries and exits regardless of weather conditions!


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by pacman

speedplay frogs are nice but eggbeaters are better priced and a better pedal.

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by Skyleth

For the Crankbrothers users out there... which one is better for racing cross? Straightup Egg Beaters or the Candy?

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by simon

i use egg beater twin ti, which is superb.
just from looking you would maybe guess candy is better because there is more hold for your feet if once you can't click in fast enough. but the egg beater are so easy to click in, you simply never will come to this situation that one foot is out of the pedal.
i had time pedals, then switched to egg beaters because clicking in is so easy, you have like 3 possibilities to get the cleat into the pedal, yu just have to kick against the pedal and somehow, you always get in.

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by deejay

my experience is that eggbeaters are best, (but you need a stiff soled shoe because of the lack of platform). I have used the candys' but in muddy conditions they are not as easy to clip into as the 'beaters.

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by Skyleth

awesome, I'm glad I got the 'beaters then :) although the platform on the Candy was tempting... in the end I went with the standard beaters... for a purly cosmetic reason... can't have bright yellow pedals on a white and blue bike! heh

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