1.1/8" cross fork..availble in Europe?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

I need some 1.1/8" cross fork and I don't need disk brake option in it. Carbon fork would be nice. I know Reynolds and Alpha Q makes nice ones. Are they sold in Europe? Price anywhere or any nice alternatives?

I can find lot of ugly CF Cross forks and most or are 1".


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by Joel

Sintema Mud, integrated and non-integrated, 1" or 1"1/8 500-600g
Morati Ti 590g

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by Michiel

Isaac carbon makes one.


Distributors and dealers can be found on their website.

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by Boonen

4ZA makes very nice one's. Both in alu and carbon in 1 1/8".

http://www.intersport.fi/channels/defau ... age_5.html

Good luck,

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by tolka

WOW! That looks great! I was thinking about adding a rear disk brake to my bike, but I was just not sure how it would look, but if it looks half as good as the job you did I would be happy........!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Tom-s

If it's about weight, look into the Ritchey forks.
I use the road fork and it weights under 290g cut to 22cm.

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by F45

I have a Ritchey WCS cross fork, canti, full carbon, 1 1/8". Weighs 505 grams with cut steerer.

It's really hard to find a cross fork under 500 grams. I think the light ones are 450. Even a Scott Addict CX canti fork is over 500 grams.

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