Crank Bros pedals: Candy vs Quattro

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by Tristan

I'm looking for a new pair of pedals for my Cross Check.

About 60% of this bikes' use is on the road, the remaining 40% is offroad with the clay-style mud we get around here. I don't race, and since I'm the only CX rider in New Zealand, I never will.

I'm looking at either the Candy or the Quattro pedal.

My thoughts were to get the Quattros. I can put the Quattro cleats on my road shoes, and a pair of 'normal' cleats on my mountain shoes.

But I searched the forum here and there is not a single mention of the Quattros, which makes me doubt my decision that they might make a good CX pedal.

Has anyone had experience with both? I would love to hear a good comparison. Anything has to be better than my Record Pro-Fits and road shoes :shock:



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by compostbrain

Quatro is a fine road pedal. The cleat(which is a standard candy cleat with a plastic outer guard that increases surface area contact) that comes with it will clog easier than a candy cleat. I sometimes use my mtb shoes with just a candy cleat with my quatro pedals. This works fine too. Hope this helps...

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by Knut

Why not run regular Egg Beaters? They're much better suited for that clay-style mud than Candy or Quattro that will clog relatively easy due to the platform around the wings.

The regular Eggies will also work well on the road, I've used them plenty on long, up to 190km, roadrides without problems of any kind. You'll just need to use the road cleats to avoid them damaging your carbon soles.

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by deejay

yes, i've had good experience using the regular egg beaters on my road bike and would have no hesitation recommending them.

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