mini V brakes: 8.4 vs 80mm

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by fastezzie

Hi for anyone still using rim brakes :shock:
With Shimano levers, I'm considering switching from TRP 8.4 (84mm) to an 80mm Tektro brake for more rim clearance. Has anyone used the 80mm brakes? they look much cheaper which concerns me, unless they work good?

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by satanas

The longer TRP CX 9.0 mini V brakes are the ones that are supposed to be more compatible with post-7900 Shimano levers, so I have my doubts going shorter will improve braking; MA will certainly be lower.

by Weenie

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by petromyzon

I have one bike with SRAM Force levers and the TRP 84mm, and another with 10 speed Shimano 105 hidden cable levers and Tektro 926 ALs (80mm).

Both work adequately but the TRPs are nicer, lighter and better looking. One thing to think about is that the cable bridge can limit tyre or mudguard clearance - just about clears 28mm tyres and SKS guards on the 80mm setup.

Obviously you gain rim clearance, lose tyre clearance and lose mechanical advantage (simple maths) by going to shorter arms. You can get a bit of lost power back by using a premium, harsh pad (SwissStop BXP) or fitting larger MTB canti inserts and pads, if you can still find them. SwissStop green MTB inserts were overkill on the back wheel of my 926AL road bike setup - high risk of locking the wheel.

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by gwerziou

Slightly off tangent perhaps - Paul Mini-Motos completely erased my former complete dedication to disc brakes. I still have a fancy disc brake bike of course, but my 'backup' old cross bike with these brakes is obviously the better handling, more fun bike to ride even if the steel frame is noticeably heavier. No time spent goofing around with bleeding brakes. Also no creaking pressfit BB nightmares... It's a blast to ride AND to work on!
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by MikeD

4mm ain't much of a difference. I doubt you'd even notice it n

by Weenie

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by expatscot

I've run with both sets and really couldn't feel the difference.
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