How much does your gravel bike weigh? (why are they so heavy?)

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by spartacus

Seems like most of them are really heavy. Even $6000 bikes like a santa cruz stigmata weigh 20+lb with pedals. How much do your guys' (and gals') bikes weigh?

I'm currently building a Hakka and hoping it will be in road bike weight range when finished. I would have liked a titanium frame but it seems like they all build up super heavy. Probably shouldn't even talk about steel frames.

by Weenie

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by LeDuke

My wife’s Cervelo Aspero Apex 1 is 17.4lbs. Upgraded wheels, crank, seatpost. $4000 total for the bike.

New cockpit on the way. Should drop it below 17.

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by ghostinthemachine

DId some work on one a couple of weeks ago, built round a open mold frame, mostly GRX, carbon finishing kit and rims, That was almost bang on 8.5 kilos after i'd finished the tubeless converson. Total cost was about 28000SEK (so 3200 USD).

48cm frame though.

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by golfsierra

My All-City Macho King A.C.E. is my gravel bike
Force AXS 1x
DT Swiss ERC1400
Rene Herse 700x35

8.8kg steel bike doesn’t feel too heavy to me..

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by kervelo

It suppose it is quite easy to build a light gravel bike using super light road components, if the weight is the only target.

My Aspero Apex 56 with Zipp 303S wheels, Quarq dzero dub cranks, etc. is currently 8,6 kg (19 lbs). That's with pedals and heavy, gravel worthy tyres (Zipp tangente course G40).

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by HotWireMyHeart

I enjoy a light road bike, but I care much less off-road and am happier with the reassurance of a slightly heavier bike and components. I take mine down steep mountain bike trails- perhaps it's purely a perception thing, but I just couldn't throw myself into the rough stuff as hard if I had taken the few calculated chances that I have with light components on my road bike.

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by Nefarious86

golfsierra wrote:My All-City Macho King A.C.E. is my gravel bike
Force AXS 1x
DT Swiss ERC1400
Rene Herse 700x35

8.8kg steel bike doesn’t feel too heavy to me..
I'm pretty keen on rhe idea of a Monsoon with Ekar

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Steve Curtis
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by Steve Curtis

They're as heavy as you want them to be. I think most complete bikes are pretty underwhelming as they don't want to tread on the ones of their road bike offerings.

A few weeks ago I put together a medium free ranger parts bin winter special and that's 8kg complete with full guards, cage,wahoo etc.

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by fa63

We just built a 3T Exploro Team for a customer. It was a custom build with SRAM Force AXS 1x mullet setup and Roval Terra CLX wheels (which we weighed in at 1290g). It came in at 7.5kg / 16.5lbs without pedals and bottle cages (size S; 1080g frame, 450g fork, 170g seatpost).

Contrary to that is my Argon18 Dark Matter, which has a mix of 105 and Ultegra mechanical with 1600g wheels and weighs 9.4kg / 20.7lbs without pedals. My frame is much heavier (1420g for size L) with the rest being due to the components, so theoretically a similar build would get me down to around 7.9kg (without pedals) but I love my bike as-is, heavy and all :-)

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by Singular

It's all a matter of definition of what a "gravel" bike is (and what it is supposed to do and endure).

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by golfsierra

Nefarious86 wrote:
Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:22 am
I'm pretty keen on rhe idea of a Monsoon with Ekar
Ekar was my first choice, but availability dictated otherwise

The monsoons are such fun bikes

Go ride one, you won’t be let down in the fun department

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by Miller

My bike which is a based on a CX frame comes in around 8.5kg depending on the wheels and tyres. That's on the light side for a gravel bike, I've noticed.
Weight isn't much of a thing on the gravel scene. Gravel riding merges into bikepacking and that's a whole different level of weight.

Gravel riders obsess about tyres, not weight.

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by boots2000

Gravel bike weight largely on 3 factors- 1.) Gearing choices. 2.) Wheel choice 3.) Tire choice
The more robust you go- The heavier it gets. Even with a light build.

I have had several gravel bikes- The lightest one was an Open UPPER- It was a shade over 17lb (7.818kg).
Build was Dura-Ace 9170, SRM Origin, Industry Nine ULCX wheels, Maxxis Rambler 700x40 tires, carbon bars, carbon rail saddle, carbon seatpost, Ti spindle HT pedals. Gearing was 34/50 and a Shimano XTR 11-40.
You could make this bike lighter- but it would take less dirt-worthy tires and gearing like getting a SRAM cassette in 11-32- and it wouldn't ride any better or faster. It would just just get more props with the "coffee shop bike lift".

Newest bike is a custom Bingham Built titanium. SRAM RED AXS 1X with Mullet 10-50 and a 44 tooth chainring. Red 1Xcrankset with powermeter, Enve G27 wheels, Ultradynamico tires, and similar bar/stem/seat/seatpost/pedals. This bike weighs 8.6kg.
Frame is about 500 grams more, press-in headset and T47 bb adds significant weight. But the bike rides even better than my Open did.

For comparison my road bike (2021 Trek Emonda) weighs 7.13kg, and I have a Specialized S-works Epic HT hardtail that weighed abotu 8.3kg before I added the dropper- Now it is more like 8.8kg.

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by gwerziou

My Scott Addict CX/Gravel 10 with a super record/chorus drivetrain, eggbeater 3 pedals and Duke Baccara SLS2 wheels with DTSwiss 180 hubs is about 7.6 kg.
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by grover

I'm using a Cannondale SuperX. SRAM Red 22 mechanical (except pg1170 11-36 cassette and X.O 10 speed rear derailleur with clutch, jockey wheels swapped for 11 speed). 1600 gram wheels and Zipp alloy cockpit. Goodyear Connector 40mm tyres and Tubolight inserts. It weighs 8kg on the dot.

by Weenie

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