Challenge new all rounder Gravel tire...

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by challenge

Hi Everyone,

End of the contest!

This has been a very exciting contest with allot of good names so first of all, thank you all for participating and sharing your ideas.

Now, let’s see if we have a winner????

Name chosen by Challenge crew is:


Did anyone suggest this name?

Was it Point?

We think ATG was a nice idea but difficult to explain the meaning in European and Asian markets.
We all agree Point is the winner?

Kindly contact us with your information and shipping address and as soon as the tire is available you will be the first to have it.

Thank you all
Challenge crew

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by rides4beer

Congrats Point!!

Looking forward to seeing the new tires, more options is always a good thing! :beerchug:

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by RDY

Hoping it comes in golden / butterscotch sidewall option. The pro / open tubular are the best looking on the market. Not such a fan of the race vulcanized ones with dark brown sidewalls.

I really wish the Almanzo was available in 42 and 45mm with the golden sidewalls.

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