Challenge new all rounder Gravel tire...

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by challenge

Hi everyone,

I would like to start a little contest and see how it goes. Challenge will be releasing a new all rounder Gravel tire and we are open to name suggestions for this tire. It is a light, fast, all rounder handmade TLR size 40mm.

Please submit your idea of name for this tire and if the chosen by Challenge crew you will win a set of tires!

Contest starts today and will end Sunday 9th August.

Good luck!

Challenge team. :beerchug:

Steve Curtis
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by Steve Curtis

Hello 👋🏻

How about the Challenge Basalt
Or challenge Nomad
Or challenge limitless
Or challenge Mojave
Or Challenge incline
Or challenge revolution
Or challenge revolver
Or challenge forza
Or challenge KOM
Or challenge rocky road

Challenge Basalt TLR 700-40
Challenge Nomad TLR 700-40
Challenge limitless TLR 700-40
Challenge Mojave TLR 700-40
Challenge Incline TLR 700-40
Challenge revolution TLR 700-40
Challenge revolver TLR 700-40
Challenge forza TLR 700-40
Challenge KOM TLR 700-40
Challenge rocky road TLR 700-40

I hope you find something you like .
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by Weenie

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by kroem

Challenge Not-So-Challenging. Being all-round and all.

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by Etienne

After the Gravel Grinder, you could have the Challenge Wanderer or Gravel Wanderer ...

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by rides4beer

Since it's light and fast, something race oriented.

Challenge Gravel Racer
Challenge Gravel Pro
Challenge Speed Pro

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by BenSiskri

Challenge Ghiaia Liscia
Trek Crockett 4
Giant TCR Advanced 3

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by dlj2119


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by Hexsense

Challenge YourTerrain.
Challenge YourFriend.
Challenge YourSelf.

-> Challenge Accepted.

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by ms6073

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by gSporco

Etienne wrote:
Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:04 pm
After the Gravel Grinder, you could have the Challenge Wanderer or Gravel Wanderer ...
+1 on Wanderer

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by Point

Got to love a naming game.

ATG = Anything Goes /or/ All Terrain Getaway

Just seen Archer13 had already used 'R' as an entry. For what it's worth I like the 'R' name and I've added my take to it seen below.
R = ChallengeR ... With a lighter faster race model becoming the: ChallengeR² = RaceReady
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by emotive

A 40mm gravel tyre gives you enough grip and cushion to ride All Roads.

Challenge Allroad
Challenge Allroads
Challenge Anyroad
Challenge Roughroad
Challenge Dualtrack

Also a good size for all day gravel races.
Challenge Gravel Enduro
Challenge Gravel Fondo

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by robertbb

Must rolls off the tongue nicely, fits alongside the existing product "Gravel Grinder"...

A few options for products:

Gravel Grouchy (or Gravel Grudge): For the rough stoney stuff... "grouchy/grudgey" roads trying to cut your tyres up
Gravel Graceful: For the smoother stuff... hardpack
Gravel Greasey: For wet and muddy courses...
Gravel Grisley: For routes with bears on them
Gravel Groggy: For rides after a night on the beers
Gravel Gringo: This one would need to be fast, since you're on your bike and trying to outrun a bunch of Latino/hispanic gangbangers trying to run you over

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by jmfreeman535

Challenge Pursuit

by Weenie

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by challenge

Thank you all, there are some very good ideas here. Keep going!

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