Project: cheap cyclocross bike

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by jeremyb

Just in case you guys havent seen it, im building up a super cheap (under $100 USD) cyclocross bike on my website Plus One Lap.

I've taken an old Schwinn CrissCross, and so far have painted it, and am beginning to put parts back on her.

I'm calling the project "dont laugh" because the bike looked so stupid with the cruiser handlebars when i first bought it.

it wont be light, but itll be cheap.

latest here: ... paint.html


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by Boonen

That was an entertaining read, thanks for sharing!
I build up a few fixed gear bikes this way (on a very strict budget) and it's actually quite a lot of fun to do.
Since you asked on your website: If you get a good working bike out if this you could consider giving it to a local club so that children who can't afford to buy a bike can borrow it and experience the fun of riding a bike.

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