Cut Sidewalls, tubeless, Continue to ride?

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by vanmatthew

So, I have a gravel ride tomorrow and I'm trying to decide if I should go or not. A month ago, I got a cut on my sidewall. After 2 canisters of CO2. The sealant sealed the hole with a bit of dirt and rocks.

So it's holding pressure but drops maybe 10 PSI after 4 days. Haven't ridden it with full weight. Will try tonight.

I don't have that much experience with how well tubeless sealant seals.

Anyone ride with a sealed sidewall? I have the Stan's Dart and was thinking of poking a hole with it and injecting the cloth thingy and have it seal with that. Should I do that or trust the dirt and rocks and grime did a good enough job sealing it.


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by simoncx

Why not remove the tire and glue a patch from the inside? Personally I've never had luck with sidewall cuts with sealant only unless it had a patch glued on, usually the first bit of uneven terrian the sidewall flexes and the sealant lets go.

by Weenie

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by Miller

Good advice in the post above. I've done similar fixes with good results. If your tyre starts leaking sealant 2km into your ride you'll be pissed off.

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by vanmatthew

Crap should have checked this before this morning. I was thinking of doing that but was too lazy to pop the seal. I just added more sealant instead. Hopefully it holds today. Was hoping for a "you'll be fine"

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