Getting dust out of shifters

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by NickJHP

My light touring/Audax bike has Shimano 10-speed STI shifters on it - the last model that had the shift cables coming out the side of the lever hood. Yesterday, while out on a ride, I got hit by the worst dust storm I've encountered in 40-odd years of riding - at the worst of it, with a strong cross-wind (50kph gusting to 70kph, according to our local weather bureau), and overgrazed paddocks in the middle of a bad drought all around me, visibility was down to only a few metres, and when I got home, both myself and the bike had a pretty good coating of dust.

I've managed to clean everything else, but peering into the guts of the shifters shows a liberal coating of dust over the mechanism. I've used an Airshot tubeless inflator to blow out as much dust as I can, but I'm thinking that I should squirt some Boeshield into the shifting mechanism to attempt to clean it with something that will leave a lubricating residue behind. Any other suggestions?

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by Frankie - B

Hmm, assuming that the inside of the shifter is coated in grease, you might want to degrease it first, and then regrease. grease is basicly a lube with a dope in it to thicken it. when you will use boeshield you will dissolve part of the grease that is still inside the shifter and leave a thin layer of grease.
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