Panaracer Gravel King sk (TLC) pressure?

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by nickf

A little soapy water helps the bead slip into place. Or I'll just use a compressor and send it. I'm around 175lbs, 40-45psi. Also depends on the route and if it has long pavement sectors. Then I'll go a little higher

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by Tabe

My 2 cents..It's kinda hard to give any suggestions about tire pressures, because different body/system weight, average training/ racing speeds, riding technique (ability to float/jump over obstacles, to choose cleanest line), system differences (tube vs liquid).

Good easy way is to start with manufacturers suggestions and manually visually test front rubber against some sharp edge on the ground, wooden plank or tile etc. to see how tire reacts under supposed maximal load. Some dents may and should be seen in tire sidewalls, how does that measure against your riding style? Same visual check to the rear wheel and short testride around the neighbourhood trails. Getting hits thru into the rim? If little, not necessarily a problem, if much, more airpressure. Sidewalls handling load well in turns? And so on.

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