Shimano M9000 crank warning: proprietary chainring bolts!

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by gb123bike

I got a sweet deal on a used M9000 crankset which was in like-new condition for the price of an M8000 series. It's nicely made, high quality, small q-factor by MTB standards, lighter than Shimano's claimed weight by a good margin, and I should be happy. Which I am, except for....

The bloody thing uses proprietary chainring bolts! Seriously, Shimano? That's a thing you had to do???

The standard M8 bolts just don't fit. Instead, it comes with these weird metal brackets which supply a smaller bolt. It's not much smaller, maybe 1mm. Just enough to foxtrot everything up. Those brackets weight 35g on my scale, which firstly is offensive to WW's everywhere because it's more than the 8g or whatever a normal set of bolts weigh. But more important than WW concerns, I imagine riding into some one horse town having lost a bolt out on the road, and every bike shop solumnly proclaiming, "No sir, none of our chainring bolts will fit that there oddball horseless contraption."

I've half a mind to drill the damn things out to fit a standard bolt. Has anyone done that? I don't see why it shouldn't work. It's just a hole. I can't see where another 1mm would be a problem.

by Weenie

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