J&L Thru Axles threads stick out into hub

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by Alessandro

Hey there

I got myself some axles for my cheap-o planetx gravel build. They do fit nicely but the threaded part of the axles are longer and so the threads potrude a little to the inside where the hub axles sits. Is that a problem in any way. As far as I understood thru axles do, like qr, just compress the frame ends and are in no way a "rolling" surface? Obviously in contrast to QRs they have almost no flexibility built in to not *f##k* up the clearances with disc brakes.

Thanks for confirming

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by Marin

The end caps will possibly touch the threads, but the actual bearings will be on an unthreaded part of the axle. No problem.

What axles did you get and from where?

by Weenie

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