<1000g frame?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by Velosprints

Hey folks,

First time poster. I’ve always been a weight weenie, and the great “style guy” from Bicycling magazine was/is my hero. RIP. It’s not about HOW you ride, it’s about WHAT you ride, and how you look while riding it! 😉

Anyway, I’m looking to build a gravel/cx bike to ride on the rural gravel backroads of my county in Virginia. I wish I could outright buy a complete featherweight machine, but alas, I do not have the funds. So I’m looking for recommendations on some of the lightest frames available, and I’ll build the rest with parts from my current anchor of a cx bike. I’m looking for a frame that will weight in under 1000g. I’d be riding a 52cm (+/- 1cm), so I know its possible. I’ve been drooling over the Specialized Crux S-Works, but dang that $2,800 price tag has me sweatin’!

I’ll end up using this bike as a road/gravel/cross combo. In a perfect world, I’d have enough money to buy another set of wheels to swap out when I want to ride the road, but for now, I’ll have to swap the tires only.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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by yinzerniner

The entire crux line uses the same frame which is around 925g for a 54cm. So you can get a used 2018 full bike for ~1000 less than the price of the sworks frame.

Caveat though - max tire clearance job on the rear with 4mm of room is 700x38 slick and 700x35 knobby. 650b adds only about 4mm on top of that but drops the BB a ton.

If you don’t mind the funky cable routing and don’t weigh a lot the first gen Exploro is a decent cheaper WW option. So is the Open U.P. But that tends to be pricier than either the Exploro or crux.

For a budget option either go Chinese open mold or the Diamondback Haanjo. The Haanjo supposedly has about a 1050g frame weight in a 54 so the smaller size might dip around that 1kg mark.

by Weenie

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by grover

My 56cm Cannondale SuperX is 1030grams, so a 52cm should be under 1000grams. If you can find the previous generation SuperX, pre 2017, they were even lighter. Quick release dropouts, external cable routing, steeper head angle etc.

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by spdntrxi

My Parlee XD (medium) was spot on 1000g... with hanger and a few other things attached.. so slightly below bare.

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by Velosprints

spdntrxi wrote:
Sun Sep 15, 2019 1:14 am
My Parlee XD (medium) was spot on 1000g... with hanger and a few other things attached.. so slightly below bare.
A Parlee??? I don’t wanna have to give up my first born! (Although sometimes it’s tempting...)

I have recently been looking at a Scott addict CX. Frame weight listed at 970g. (Probably for a 56cm.) I bet the 52cm is closer to 900g

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by tonchy

What about Ridley X-Night SL?
I'm super happy with mine.

https://www.ridley-bikes.com/wp-content ... c-2018.pdf
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by onemanpeloton

giant tcx advanced is around that mark
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by NickJHP

My Open U.P.P.E.R. frame in size M was 880g for the frame and another 380g for the fork with uncut steerer. It comes with nice light minimalist Carbon-Ti thru axles, a Cane Creek 110 headset, seatpost clamp and a spare derailleur hanger.

For weight Weenie purposes, r2-bike conveniently provide photos of the frame and fork on their digital scales.



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by Js2

Ibis Hakka MX frame should be around the 1000g mark if I remember correctly for a size M. Fork on the newer ones are Enve Gravel Fork

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by gwerziou

The Scott Addict CX or Gravel 10 (the HMX carbon frame) sits at around 890 grams for a size 56 and I think the fork is listed at 360 grams. The Specialized Crux is just a wee touch heavier than that.

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by cerro

967g for a 2020 S-Works Crux frame in black in size 52. Including seatclamp, bottle cage bolts and rear derailleur hanger.
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by LouisN

If you're budget concerned I would look for a (used) Focus Mares.
Or for for the open mold discussion.
LOuis :)

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by prebsy

I think Louis is hitting it, a cx racer that happens to hit the big tire clearance mark would help you get low weight and budget ( since you can find them used...heavily used).

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by jcrr

Norco Threshold Sl is, reportedly, a 990g frame.
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by wrenegade

Focus Mares CX is also a sub 1000g frame in a medium.

by Weenie

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