Steel Frames - weight increase per size

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by peraklo

Anyone managed to weigh in few sizes of the same bike/frame? I would like to see how much of a weight penalty I can expect going from the published weight of a 54cm bike to the required 61cm?

I am currently looking at a few steel tanks to fulfill my touring/commuting/gravel needs, and have narrowed the choice to the following:

Marin Four Corners
Jamis Renegade Expat
Specialized Sequoia 2018
Fuji Jari 2.3

I am 6'3'', 90kg and picking a bike available here in Croatia with a sub €1000 price. Steel frame, many bottle cage mounts and mech disks are a must. Thru Axle is desirable, bar-end shifters to avoid.

All weights I can find online are mostly for 54-56 cm, and I am trying to predict the weight of 60-62 (XL/XXL) bikes.


by Weenie

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by peraklo

ok, to partially answer my own question, I asked Fuji for the weights for Jari 2.3 and 2.5 in sizes 54 and 61, and here is the reply:

We only have recorded weights for the bikes in size 56cm. The 54cm model will be slightly lighter ( <.1 pound, so < 45g) and the 61cm will be slightly heavier (no more than ¼ pound, so no more than 113.4g).
Jari 2.3 56cm – 28.28lbs - 12.83 kg
Jari 2.5 56cm – 28.36lbs - 12.86 kg

By using simple math (but I might be wrong), I got to the fact that the increase in Frame size by 2 cm (54, 56, 58, 61) goes with about 45-55g of a weight penalty. That is just for the frame, other components need to be accounted for also, mainly that could be size difference in stem length or crank length).

I am waiting for answers from Marin and Specialized, we will see if they confirm this math. If they do, I am guessing that 150-200g more is to be added to the published weights (54-56 cm frames) when I think of my bike size (61cm).

Jamis Renegade Expat is listed as 11kg flat, and that is for the size 54. Size 61 should be around 11.2 kg.

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