Anyone used Look X-Track pedals?

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by stevod

Currently using Shimano XT pedals on an Open UP. I'm looking for a bit more support but want to stay with SPD cleats.

I was on M8000, now M8020 which have a tiny bit more support although are a lot heavier. Played with other Shimanos too but the M8020 seemed to have the most actual contact with the pedal when testing them in hand. (Apart from the Saint pedals, the size of which took me by surprise when I received them!)

Look X-Track are marketed as having much more support - not sure if this is really the case or not.

Anyone with any experience of them?



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by roadchallenge

I used them. I hate to say this but I just couldn't unclip well and clipping in wasn't all great in dry, in wet was bad. I played a bit with adding a shim to see if unclip will be nice click, but to no avail, felt trapped always. Used native cleats. They do feel supportive, good surface area.

I was on xtr’s, then time atac, then x-track, back on atacs. Float is sweet. And clip unclip just so solid and defined.

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by Mirco

I use the X-Track Race Carbon on my CX Training Bike, but not on my CX Race Bikes yet, due to some problems concerning dismounting. Ok, lets say it is not realy a big problem, but dismounting out of an XT or XTR pedal feels easier. Disregarding dismounting, so far the X-Track Race Carbon work fine.

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