Best fenders for 28mm+ tires

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by nemeseri

I'm seriously thinking about buying the trek checkpoint SL 5 and I'm thinking about what kind of fenders I should install on them for the rainy commutes. The bike has fender mounts, disc brakes and clearance for 45mm tires, so fitting fenders shouldn't be a big deal. Still, I'd like super silent fenders that are easy to remove, with as much coverage as possible.

I'm sure everybody has their favorites here. Based on my experience, I'd probably go with the PDW ponchos. Just because I have the PDW full metals on my road bike and had ok experience with them.

by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

portland design works..I'm using 650Beast
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by benhama

I am running 28mm Continetal GP4000 SII tyres on Pacenti Forza rims, giving a tyre width of 31mm when inflated to 65psi. I've just put a set of "Bontrager NCS Fender Set" on my Trek Domane SL6. There's plenty of clearance for me and they are securely fixed to my bike (they are quiet!), so I'd recommend them. ... Code=black

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by NickJHP

Berthoud stainless steel fenders are my favourite. They're very nicely made (with a rolled edge, which gives a noticeable reduction in the amount of water that comes out the side of the fender when the road is really wet), the mounting hardware is better quality than anything else around, they're available in multiple widths (40mm, 50mm, 60mm), different lengths (having the front fender long enough so that the water exiting from the front of it is going downwards makes quite a difference), and they also have an optional mudflap. The pair on my commute bike have been going strong for about 20 years and look pretty much the same as the day I fitted them.

Here's a pair of their 60mm wide 650b fenders with mudflap over 50mm tyres:

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by Marin

Velo Orange also make good metal ones, I use them over my 650b 42mm Pari Motos.

I have SKS plastic on my city commuter, and they are alright too.

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by morganb

Honjos are nicely made and very light for full fenders (aluminum construction). Solid hardware means no rattles too. They are comparable to the Berthouds but alloy instead of stainless.

by Weenie

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by Lugan

+1 for Portland Design Works. They are super durable and quiet (no rattling!).

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