Crux Canti open mould

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by JBC2

Can anyone advise what the closest open-mould option is to the Crux Canti Elite/S-Works model?

Need an alternative with near identical geometry.

Needs to be canti.

Ridley clones all have too long C-T for rider I am sizing for making for too high stand-over heights.

Many thanks

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by boots2000

What size do you need? I know someoe who is selling a used S-works canti crux- It is a 54cm.

by Weenie

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by AJS914

A used cantilever Crux should sell for peanuts these days. Buy the whole bike, part it out, and end up with a super cheap or free frame.

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by JBC2

Needs to be a 49cm.

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by nova16

Hi all!
I'am looking for an 54 or 56 S-Works Canti Crux.
Offers please at
Best regards

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