FMB super mud vs challeng baby limus

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by rynogee

I need to decide on one set of tubulars to hopefully do me for the season (only one set of tub hoops). Last season was absolutely crazy mud where I am, but this summer has been super dry and way less wet heading into winter. Hard to know what tyre will be ideal given I can't predict the weather, but it seems like it might not be as muddy as last winter.

Thought I had decided on FMB super mud, but now it's been so dry I'm thinking about challenge baby limus instead. The centre knobs are more continuous and are lower height. No course I'm on will be dry and dusty (although mixed surfaces) - it's really just a question of how bad the mud is/isn't.

Anyone with experience on these tyres could share thoughts? Or on other tubs that are mud focused by slightly more all around than purely mud?

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by commendatore

Not a direct answer for your situation, but this was my experience: I used the Limus (original) for years, but switched to the FMB last season. The Limus always had tons of grip in the mud, but rolled slow when I had to use it on dryer days. On the FMB, I found the traction, particularly in deep mud on an incline, inadequate compared to the Limus.

by Weenie

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by rynogee

ok, thanks, that's interesting. just looking at the two it seems the big Limus would have more bite, but maybe at the risk of not shedding (as) well?

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by jcrr

I only have experience with the FMBs. I found they also have fantastic grip on grass to wet grass, almost velcro-like, in case that is a consideration for you.

Finally, the traditional FMB cotton casing is super delicate, but since you mention only looking for 1season out of them, this may not be an issue for you? Have you considered Rhinos as well? Another mud-focused tire I've tried is Clement/Donelly PDX- some people swear by it as an all-rounder, I never got them to work for me. YMMV.

Good luck
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