DI2 Battery Mount for Frame

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by ultimobici

I'm looking at using an Ergon seapost that would not allow the usual placement of a Di2 battery. Dows anyone know if it is possible to fit the battery in the frame in a similar way to the way Campagnolo does with EPS?


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by ms6073

How about wrapping the battery in shipping foam and simply sliding it further down around the bottle cage bolts? Always been curious about that seat post but concerns over setting/maintaining correct saddle angle was the main deterrent.
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by Weenie

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by kode54

in some cases, where the seatpost shape is not round...you can always use handlebar tape and secure it with electrical tape to squeeze it into the bottom of the post. never came out with bumps and all.
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by kidrob

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by ooo



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by lucksun

It's a good idea.

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