Advice for new top end shoes for cx and gravel

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by thefuzzycow

I’ve rode S-Works XC shoes for a while now and just switched over to the Shimano SPhyre shoes. They don’t look the greatest, but I’m more focused on comfort, stability, stiffness and adjustability.

The only thing I preferred on the sworks over the Shimano was the stiffness. The sworks felt a tad more stiff but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. The Shimano shoe was stiff on the sole, rubber around cleat to help with pedal traction and dual boa closure with a softer boot to help with adjustability and overall comfort in the shoe; I love them. Another cool little feature is the cats tongue heel cup. The material helps prevent heel slip to keep the heel down in the shoe.

If anything, they’re worth a shot. I’m definitely going to run the sphyre for a while until something changes my mind to switch back.
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by IrrelevantD

Do you have road shoes that you like? I've found that Giro shoes fit me best and have Factor Techlace for my road shoes. Because of that, I went with the Empire VR90's for the higher end sole, and I love them. I was kinda surprised to find that the laces actually stay tight more consistently than the BOA and velcro/laces on my Factors, which has me kinda wishing I had gotten Empires for the road.

Long story short, my point is, if you have road shoes that fit you well, get the closest thing you can find for CX/Gravel.
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by Weenie

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by britter440

I recently picked up a pair of Pearl Izumi X-project P.R.O. shoes. There's also an "Elite" version that only has a single BOA instead of the double that is found on the "P.R.O." model. The only bad thing I can say about these shoes is that they are a bit heavy for a shoe with that kind of price tag. Everything else is top of the line. The shoes come with two different shims for the arch and the ball of the foot, giving you three different levels of support at each spot (you can leave the shim out if you're a flatfoot) so that you can "tune" the shoe for the perfect fit. It also comes with instructions on how determine the proper set of shims for you.

If you have knee pain or have ever had to shim your cleats to avoid knee pain. I definitely recommend these shoes for you. The shim under the ball of the foot improves the shoe fit while getting rid of the need for the cleat shim.

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by d36

Alot depends on the shape of your foot tbh.

Shimano is too wide for me so I prefer northwave or mavic (slightly wider than northwave)
extreme xcs are really stiff and fit me nicely

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