Dale superx 2018 top cap

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by Hoven

trying to find a top cap lower than the 25mm that comes with the 2018 superx, think it is about 55m in outer diameter someone know one that fits?

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by CarlosFerreiro

I used the cover and wedge from a Cane Creek 40-Series ZS49 ZeroStack top set and that's pretty good. About 1mm step in around the headtuve, but covers the bearing and "seals" well enough.

by Weenie

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by Thedaniel

The top cap from cannondale part #kp058 is what you’re looking for. A bit expensive but at least you’ll have a spare headset if need be. It’s what I’m currently using and the cdale cxworld team is also using as far as I know. Perfect fit with a couple micro shims

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by hustlehard285

You can also use the cap from a cannondale fat cadd. That's what i have and just slam the stem

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by wrenegade

Bumping this as I just picked up a SuperX and need to slam the stem, will be looking into the Fat CAAD and the kp058 (though would rather not have to buy a whole headset for a top cap). Does anyone know if you can use the lightweight kp017 compression wedge as well? I have one on my Supersix EVO and its been fantastic and is super light.

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by MountainAddict

The Cannondale KP253 is what you're looking for to slam your stem. Worked perfectly on my CAAD12 and was much cheaper than a slamthatstem.com bearing cover.

by Weenie

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by NLC86

Does the top cover of KP205 work as well?

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