WTB Horizon 650x47

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by Jowwy

Just set them up tubeless and wondering what pressure to run, mostly on cycle tracks and the odd bit of canal track

I'm 260lbs so unsure what to go with

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by drider85

I ran mine at 35 to 40 psi for my 150lbs. I ran them as low as 30 but found to much squirm in corners much below that.

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by Weenie

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by Metaluna

I weight 220, but carry a lot of gear, and have run them down to about 40/45 front/rear. No problems with squirm (I don't corner particularly hard though). At 260 I might add another 5 psi, and for long runs on pavement I usually run them at the limit. I find that as I dip down into the low 40's I start to get that bouncy beach ball feel while pedaling, which I dislike (I'm mostly a roadie, so I can't shake the feeling that I just got a flat). Not sure if that's a bad sign or just normal for low pressure high volume tires.

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by Marin

Go down in pressure in .2 bar steps until cornering starts to feel weird, then add back .1 bar. Run the rear .2 - .3 harder than the front.

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by Jowwy

I've gone with 45 front and 50 rear after Sunday's shake down ride. They were comfy but a tad bouncy as you so, the front also squirmed a tad on me on a 40mph descent

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