Do you still ride your MTB after you got a gravel bike?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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Sold my Hardtail. Garvel + Full Sus for me.

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grover wrote:
Sun May 27, 2018 2:50 am
Maybe it's a function of where you live.

For me. I can ride mtb trail from my door. I can ride quite roads from my door. I have a gravel/cyclocross bike but it's barely getting ridden except for racing. It's slow on the roads compared to my roadie. It's less capable on the trail than my mtb. For me it's quite a niche ride that would take in terrain/roads that would be best for the gravel bike. The biggest determinant is probably the people I'm riding with and what they're going to ride that day!
Mostly this ^^^^

I've ridden the CX bike round some of my local trail loops, i can get there 30 seconds sooner (it's only 5km) but i have to take a different route to normal (more gravel roads, less rocks). If i took a CX bike on my normal route it would involve walking much of the first 1.5 km and several dismounts in the last km........ some of it has even resulted in a fall on the mtb. :oops:

Some of the actual trail loops are doable, but anything fun will involve getting off, or sliding down a rock face on your knees/elbows/face. Especially if we've had any rain.

I just use the CX for CX racing and the odd gravel hack. Or towing the kids in the trailer.

On the plus side, the trend for bigger tyre clearance on road bikes means my next one might be a lot more capable on the hardpacked gravel roads and lanes round here. So the CX will get even less use. :)

Oh, the roads round here are desolate. On a 50km evening ride i might only see between a dozen and twenty cars moving outside of the towns i pass through. I have done rides where it's even less than that. So no real need to ride a gravel bike, except a good number of the roads are just hardpack!

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