how do you keep your carbon cx frame/fork from chipping?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by Catagory6

i don't worry too much about my road bikes. there's not a whole lot of debris that gets kicked up. but riding the dirt and mud a lot more damage can happen. after only 1 year with my ritchey swiss cross, its looking pretty battle-scarred.

do you just let the "chips fall where they may" with your carbon bike? or what? i'm mostly thinking the stays, back of seat tube, under the bb shell, under the down tube and the fork blades.

by Weenie

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by AJS914

Put helicopter tape on it if you want to protect it.

I have a Crux and haven't really noticed any chips from gravel riding but it is a matte carbon finish without much paint.

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by gummee

I haven't seen any real chipping from riding. ...but I've lent out the bike I'm riding now and there have been pedals rubbing against my chainstay causing damage.



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by TheKaiser

Yeah, helicopter tape, bike saver, ski saver, clear self adhesive vinyl as used in car detailing (which is available in many thicknesses), etc... It's all remarkably tough stuff, and is hardly noticable when initially applied. Over time, I find that dirt will stick to the little edge of exposed adhesive around the perimeter, but it is still 100% functional. If you are concerned about aesthics, you could perhaps try putting a coat of wax or polish over the tape, once it's fully adhered, which could help "de-stickify" the edges.

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by Mrseasons

Invisiframe! this stuff is amazing

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