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by wingguy

jfranci3 wrote:
Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:17 am
So it's a boone with a lower BB and a bit more stack
Well... it's a Boone with every single geometry parameter changed except reach and chainstay length (which can be changed if you want), and a different design of every single tube and structural element. So it's a Boone that will ride, fit and handle very differently to a Boone. Hmm, maybe it's easier to just say that it's not a Boone? :P

by Weenie

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by TheKaiser

Calnago wrote:
Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:37 pm
Interesting. Adjustable effective chainstay length. And no isospeed up front. Personally I kind of hope they let the front end iso speed just die a quiet death. One of those downsides outweigh the upsides situations imo.
What is your concern about the front Isospeed? Just wondering, as I haven't heard much about it other than that the effect less significant than the rear Iso. I've been curious as to how front Iso relates to the lower headset bearing. It seems like they've given the upper bearing seat this freedom to rotate for/aft, which allows the steerer to bow, but the lower bearing is expected to behave normally. I just dont quite get how the steerer bowing doesn't affect or increase wear on the lower bearing, as it seems like it would allow it to rock in the frame and get all sorts of uneven loading.

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by Calnago

I share exactly the concerns that you stated. The entire “flex” area of the steertube is isolated to the headtube length. Unless the bearings are allowed to “pivot” with that flex, then there’s gotta be some nasty bearing pressure going on at times. But I think the larger issue for me is that there’s just a lot of parts and bushings rubbing against each other, and sooner or later I suspect some clunking etc as a result. And I question just how much more comfort it’s really providing beyond just simply playing with tires and pressure etc. I like simple engineering that works. This imo is just adding a lot of complexity and I’m not sure it’s providing a commensurate amount of added benefits. I haven’t ridden one, but I did ask a dealer who kind of shared my view as well and I’ve heard that if you hit a sudden bump etc, that you could hear a bit of the “clunk” that one might expect when looking at the system. But I suppose that could simply have been due to less than perfect adjustment. But there again, it kind of demands a higher degree of “perfect adjustment” by design I think. And if it’s so great, one has to wonder why they would have left it off a bike like this. It wouldn’t be the first time something’s been tried and market tested, but then abandoned either because the technology wasn’t so great after all, or the market just didn’t fully embrace it. I guess time will tell.
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by SilentDrone

I suspect what’s going on is that they are reserving it to be a feature on a future SLR model. We’ll see front iso become available next year as an incentive to upgrade or buy a nicer model.

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by wpccrunner

off topic...slightly butt when are new Crockett colors going to be released?

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Roel W
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by Roel W

If you have a Domane, Madone and Emonda in your range and your new gravel bieks is called "Checkpoint" in stead of "Nomade", you missed it.
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by jfranci3

The trade mark looks open ... 62455.html. They probably didn't want to confuse people with Nomad , which is held.

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