Canyon Inflite CF SLX

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by Snabb

I am also 184 with a saddle height of 78,5 cm. I think I will order the medium and try it. Stack and reach are roughly the same as the Cannondale SuperX in 56. And I don`t think I would try to ride that one in a 58.
Ride lots!

by Weenie

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by Bergwerk

With Canyon if you're between twos sizes I'd say go for the smaller option. Their online calculator errs towards largers sizes.

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by madik

Its always possible to change the handlebars within 30days after purchase. Done it myself. Swapped 100mm H36 with 120mm on my Ultimate M. Canyon is surely do it for Inflite as well.
Functionality > Performance > Weight

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by ooo

What is bottom bracket interface on this model?
Official websites states "BOTTOM BRACKET SRAM GXP PRESSFIT", but for other models this info was not always accurate...

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by wintershade

Bergwerk wrote:
Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:55 am
With Canyon if you're between twos sizes I'd say go for the smaller option. Their online calculator errs towards largers sizes.
I disagree. I think they seem to err to smaller sizes. At least for me I ended up twice with Canyon bikes a bit small and requiring fugly long stems but if you're riding an Inflite, already the fugliest bike on earth, you might not care.

I'd buy some other gravel bike, that I coudl actually confirm fits first. Great deals from LBS to be had this time of year. Sure, Canyon offers free returns, but having returned one of their bikes, I can assure you, it's still a PITA to box up the bike, schlep the giant pacakage to UPS, etc.

I won't be buying any more Canyon bikes....

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by Waldowoo

Ordered mine today. I think the stealth version looks awesome.

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by Waldowoo

Arky wrote:
Fri Feb 23, 2018 3:40 am
I am extremely happy with it as a road bike. What I like:

-Industrial, very modern design. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I like how it looks. The appearance will eviscerate your average road bike and eat it alive. It has real presence in the dark color. I wish I did not post pictures of it previously. The pics are awful and do not do it justice. I will try to post more with better lighting, scene, and camera.

-Canyon quality is apparent everwhere, starting with packaging to the finished product. They seem to think everything through and execute good ideas.

Future proof
-Flat mount brakes, frame good for electric or mechanical, standard axle widths for road disc

-The claimed comfort is real. Hiding an extra long seat post is clever. You basically get a very compact frame that does not look compact. I have about a foot of seat post above the low hidden clamp. There is probably comfort built in the frame as well. I have a feeling the kinked top tube and seat stays help somewhat. Bowed frame members obviously can compress and stretch small amounts better than straight ones, helping with comfort.

Little Aero Features
-Although not touted as having them, they did design kamm tails on the seat stays, seat tube, and fork. They are nice touches.

Integrated Bar and Stem
-I cannot fault the integrated bar and stem. It was a big selling point to me. Normally, I size down and go longer on the stem. Canyon has shortish stems on this bike to help with off-road control. To get proper reach, I had to get a larger bike than I am used to. The bigger bike feels surprisingly good to me. I am glad I was forced to go that route. The bar is also a little wider than I normally use. I like it more than expected as well.

While they break tradition, the “off-road” concepts of larger frame, shorter stem, and wide bar absolutely translates to a feeling of greater control on the road. You have to try it if you have not already.

FYI: Be careful with standover height. I am 6’2”/188cm and do not have much clearance when standing over the top tube.

-The frame is stout. It has to be, being built for off-road duty. My 200lb self does not flex it out of the saddle perceivably.

Stock Traditional Selle Italia SLR Saddle!!!!!
-Unbranded (not Canyon) with correct thin traditional padding. Bean counters do not get their way at Canyon. This is a quality piece. Very rare or non-existent on $3300 complete bikes of other brands. This one comes in a shape (concave at the sit bones) that seems to be hard to find these days.

Tubeless ready DT Swiss wheels
-28c tires tubeless on wide rims. They sound a lot like tubulars and ride ride smooth like tubulars. It seems like they are more round/concentric than tubulars, but it could be in my head.

Swiss Army Bike
Honestly, it has no downsides. Why have a road, cross, and gravel bike? This can do it all very well. It seems like it could serve as an occasional cross country mountain bike too.
Arky, are you running the stock drivetrain? Thinking that moving to a 44T ring or even 44T with the Sram PG1170 in the back to get a wider range for road riding. What do you think?

I just ordered the 8.0 - can’t wait to give a spin.

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by Woland

Does anyone know the max. chainring size for Inflite CF? Thinking of moving to something bigger from the stock 40T ring.

To anyone considering the Inflite CF SL(X), I say go for it! Such a great bike, I love my SL 8.0 Race for cyclocross racing and general gravel riding.

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by nonamed

Please help. I need to convert rear brake in my Inflite to accomodate 160mm rotor (now stock is 140mm) . What adapter do I need? Can not find any... Thank You for help or any photos

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by Louie

Does anyone have any idea on when Canyon will be restocking?

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