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by WorkonSunday

Hi all,

I have a Colnago A1r CX. It came with a FSA Omega chainset. While i was riding today about 2 miles in, the non-drive side pedal fell out..... :noidea: on closer inspection (see pic), somehow the pedal threads stripped the crank arm side thread to bare..... when i look at the pedal side the treads are completely untouched, as good as new..... needless to say i need a replacement. There is very little information on the internet about this bike (2017 model), but from what i can gather the bottom bracket is BB30 press fitted (see pics). Am i right to assume that as long as i get another chainset that is BB30, then it will fit without needing to change the bottom bracket? (I'm thinking upgrading instead of getting another crank arm).
thanks in advance :beerchug:
Damaged crank
bottom bracket 1
bottom bracket 2

by Weenie

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