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by spud

For those who are considering a Domane as a gravel bike, you are probably aware that Trek now package G-One 35mm tires with a bike for their gravel edition. It uses the same frame as the rest of the Domane SL line. To whit, I replaced stock 32mm slicks with 34mm WTB Exposure that had some time/mileage on them i.e. stretched. My take is that if you want to mount a tire with an aggressive side knob, you will not be able to go over 34 mm. My tire is VERY close to the side of the fork crown. If you want 35mm tires, it will have to be something like the G-One, which does not have heavy knobs on the side.

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by wheelsONfire

Hola Spud

G-One is great as long as don't corner very hard on loose over hard.
If you do, the tires simply will loose grip and you risk to crash.

For this reason, i don't use G-One. I lost grip at two occasions and that went OK.
But i won't ride these again.

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