'Best' smart trainer for CX type intervals

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by jmaccyd

Going to invest in a smart trainer and as CX is my thing was wondering what one handled the CX style 15/15 intervals the best in terms of adjusting the power in EWRG mode.

by Weenie

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by ms6073

Before I 'retired' from racing, I was traveling quite extensively and had a Tacx Bushido trainer which had about a ~3-4 second ramp to stabilize between resistance changes when training. Another benefit was that when we flew to races, I could pack the Bushido in its carrying case and stow it in the overhead on full size 737 and larger aircraft - that is not happening on a regional jet. That said, we now have Tacx Neo's and it puts the Bushido to shame as it is a get on an ride, with resistance stabilizing within 1-2 seconds, and no fall off in resistance due to thermal drift of the rear tire/roller interface, but it is also among the most expensive of the Smart trainers and hardly what I would call 'portable' for toting to the course for warming up prior to the race.
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by jmaccyd

Neo always gets good reviews but is on the pricier side. Don't need to worry about storage, I drive to races, and my warm up are generally done on course. It really is speed of response so that those 15/15 workouts hit the spot.

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by roadman

Neo has a distinct lag when doing 15/15 or any other short intervals.

These should be done in Slope mode not Erg and based on feel IMO...

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by jcrr

ms6073- I don't think OP inquired about taking trainer to race site...

+1 with roadman's advice- no ERG for these or any other similar short intervals

W/out using ERG, a good number of smart trainers nowadays should do the trick. Check power capacity/demand. And if I'm missing something, please (politely) educate me- I'm always interested in learning.

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