Niner RLT9 Steel DI2 build

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by jeroenfl

Tough conversion, but in the end completely worth it.

Was running shimano's 685 mechanical hydro shifters and xt m8000 rear derailleur in a 1x11 setup, paired with wolftooth's tanpan doofer to convert the cable pull from mtb to road. Works great but on long wet/muddy days, the shifting wasn't all that great anymore. At some point during a 170km very wet and muddy gravel ride, the cable end got stuck in the shifters internal cable tunnel/channel and ruined the shifter.

In the bottom bracket I had the Praxxis threaded PF30 solution but the holes in the housing did not match the chainstay's hole. That was perfectly lined up with the threads :shock:

Since I already was contemplating on converting to BSA and had the fsa adapter available, this seemed like the perfect occasion ... :idea:
FSA adapter: ... prod129936

A true permanent solution: cheap 'n' easy bearing replacement and no more cable problems, ever :thumbup:

1) drilling the holes in the adapter to match the tube's (very small!!) exit holes

2) pressing in the adapter took some REAL effort. You cannot do this with an ordinary cheap press, you really need the pro heavy duty tools to get the sucker in! I have done the same procedure on a cannondale supersix, a walk in the park compared to this.

3) cable routing. OMG! talking about threading the needle.. in the end I used a shifter cable as a liner, attached a cable end cap to it to hold the di2 cable plug.
the internal junction box (SM-JC41 internal) sits in the seat tube, inserted from the top, since it doesn't fit anywhere else.

The end result is impressive! Crisp shifts and with the BSA bottom bracket, the bike feels a lot stiffer and more responsive.
I'll get weights and some more/better pictures later...


Shopping list:

PRO DI2 Battery Holder 27.2-28.6mm
Shimano Di2 Grommet SM-GM01 for EW-SD50
Shimano XT Di2 11-speed Rear Derailleur RD-M8050 GS Shadow+
Shimano Di2 2x11-speed ST-R785+BR-RS785 STI+Hydraulic Disc Brake Set
Shimano Di2 Battery BT-DN110
Shimano Di2 Battery Charger SM-BCR2 for Battery SM-BTR2 + BT-DN110
Shimano Di2 Junction SM-JC41 internal
Shimano Di2 Electric Wire EW-SD50 1200 mm --- master unit to internal junction box through downtube
Shimano Di2 Electric Wire EW-SD50 750 mm --- internal junction to battery
Shimano Di2 Electric Wire EW-SD50 650 mm --- internal junction to rear derailleur
Shimano Di2 Electric Wire EW-SD50 350 mm x2 --- master unit to shifters
Shimano Di2 Electric Wire EW-SD50 300 mm ---> only if you ever want to run a 2x setup
Shimano Di2 Wire Holders EW-SD50 (20 pieces) --- really easy to use to keep cables snug and quiet in the frame - REQUIRED! I did not have cable ties that would fit through the very small holes in the frame...
Shimano Di2 Junction 5 Ports SM-EW90-B --- 5 ports, you never know. Could have gone for the internal EW-RS910. No idea why I didn't. Maybe because it seemed like a very vulnerable location at the time...

To add: the inline wireless unit. Forgot to order. :roll:

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by grover

So pleasing!

I just did similar. It's so satisfying to see the end result so clean.

You'll love it even more after six hours of wet and muddy gravel when you're still shifting as easy as hour one!

Wireless unit is awesome! Quick smartphone configuration of shifters is so easy. Set both sides up to control rear mech harder or easier. Simple pleasure of being able to change either way with either hand while eating/drinking (doing one handed monos) etc.

by Weenie

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by FIJIGabe

Interesting build. I'm thinking of doing the same thing to my Crockett for next season. I mainly use my 36T front ring, and I'd like to have the wider range of the SRAM 11-36 or Shimano's 11-40 cassettes. What are you running up front?
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by jeroenfl

Front ring is an AbsoluteBlack oval CX 38T paired with a 11-42 or 11-46 :shock: cassette. At a 100rpm that means ~44kph/27.5mph for 38-11 (on 28mm tyres). On solo rides, that's ok for me.
On the road, a 50T may be better, but I don't want to switch and I'm not staying on the road ;-)

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