Cannondale SuperX power meter, spider, and chainring options

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by grover

The quoted text you replied to states that you can install both 30mm spindle and GXP spindle SRAM cranks into the new SuperX. They are both just a standard road crank q-factor.

by Weenie

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by Cattiy

It can be done with a power meter!
Look at this video:

Almost my dream setup. Only a lefty up front is missing.

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by njyeti

I ran my SuperX with the Pioneer single leg power meter last fall. No issues with clearance - even with muddy courses.

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by Thedaniel

Cattiy wrote:
Mon May 14, 2018 4:04 pm
I want to come back to this and need some clarification.
grover wrote:
Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:35 am
For what it's worth, I just use a stock Quarq BB30 110BCD crankset with SRAM CX1 chainring.

Remove the 5mm spacer and threaded preload ring from the non-drive side of the spindle. Install a 2.5mm spacer and a wavy washer. Slide through bottom bracket/frame. Install stock 13.5mm spacer on driveside and driveside arm as you would any other frame. By using the stock driveside spacer you end up with the 5mm wider Ai chainline simple because the bottom bracket shell is wider.

Yes the crankset is not centred in the frame and the non-driveside crankarm is very close to the chainstays. But it works. I don't notice it when riding. If you wanted to be particular you could put your cleats to the outside on one shoe and the inside on the other shoe. Or use pedals with adjustable spindle lengths such as speedplay.

If you wanted to get it centred you could buy a longer BB30 spindle from Cannondale/RaceFace/Stages (SRAM don't sell them) and install. You'd need 128mm spindle to get it perfect (stock spindle in SRAM road crank is 118mm). Yes the non-driveside bolt says do not disassemble, but that's never stopped anyone. Just put the stock spindle back in before you ever send it off for warranty :D

You can also install a stock SRAM GXP crankset using the Wheels Manufacturing Universal BB30/PF30 to GXP adaptor (not the BB30A specific one - it's designed for BB30A73 on road bikes not BB30A83 on CX/MTB). You can probably also install a normal SHimano road crankset with the Wheels Manf Universal BB30/PF30 to Shimano adaptor but I've not tried it. Again, the cranksets will not be centred in the frame.
As I understand it, every way I end up with a wider q-factor than standard road cranks? The 155 mm q- factor of the the new SuperX is a deal breaker for me!
I need the lowest q-factor possible.
Any particular reason why you need the lowest Q factor possible? I’m running a sram red crankset on my super x with a race face 134mm spindle installed in it, and while yes it does widen the Q factor quite a bit it’s hardly noticeable..and my cleats are not positioned to the inside on my shoe

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