Adding Disc Front Fork To Cross Bike Designed For Cantilever Brakes

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by elSid

Ti cyclocross frame, 700c, currently with carbon ritchey fork, 1 1/8, campagnolo 10spd record, and Pauls MiniMoto short-pull v-brakes. I'm about 72kg, if it matters.

Looking at adding a WoundUp (or similar) fork to allow a disc brake on the front. Probably 160mm.

So, I'd have a cantilever brake on the rear, and disc brake on the front.

First question: Aesthetics aside, is this a bad/dangerous idea?

Asking because, I use this bike on trails and steep mountain roads where the cantilever brakes are just not cutting it on long, steep descents. I love this bike, but don't know if it's worth shoehorning into a job for which it wasn't designed.

Second question: Is this perhaps a case of (not) setting up the current brakes properly? Not the greatest mechanic, but I've fussed with them quite a lot, yet can't reach a comprimise between wheel/mud clearance and stopping power. If anyone with a similar set-up, experiencing better results would be willing to share advice, I'd very much appreciate it.

Thanks, everyone.

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by jemima

At the least, have a read through the following comments re stud spacing and rim width:- ... 29384.html
Curve Grovel ti.

by Weenie

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by MikeD

I assume you'll be using mechanical discs, so yeah, it'll work, but you may be disappointed because mechanical disc brakes don't work as well as hydraulics, maybe not as well as the mini V's you have. If you go with a hydraulic brake you will have mismatched levers.

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