Anyone using egg beaters for CX?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by Mtek

Hi all, just curious as to what pedals you have all chosen. I am seeing a lot of XTR or XTs locally here, some Looks too. Please share your choice.

by Weenie

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by Exar

I've used Eggbeaters since 2002. Love them while they work but I've accepted that I have to get a new pair at least once a year. (and, you'll have to use eggbeater shields on your shoes or the pedals will eat right through your shoesoles).
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by Fisherfreerider

I use candys on all my offroad bikes. Rebuild them once a year and no issues.

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by toutadroit

i use regular eggbeaters (not candy) for ultimate ease of entry/exit. during heat of a race, i dont want to futz around hunting for pedals. best mud/gunk clearance and it is second nature. doesnt feel as secure as SPDs, but i've never popped out either.

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by cerro

Always used Eggbeater for CX. Use Candy for mtb and gravel for a bit more stability
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by FIJIGabe

I used to use them, but went to XTR's. For some reason, I always had problems finding the pedals when re-mounting the bike, but don't have the issue with Shimano. Otherwise, they were good pedals (Eggbeater 3's).
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by Mrseasons

I used to use egg beaters on my old bike, but with the STorck TIX frame I've just built I switched to XTR as I fancied a change. Not as pretty, but feel more reliable

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by fogman

I use the Time ATAC XC8 for cyclocross. Good mud clearance and no maintenance issues so far.

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by Hellgate

I've used Candy's for over 14 years, same ones too. They clear debris very well.

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by MXGimp

I'm using eggbeaters for both CX and MTB. No issues whatsoever. Haven't went through any shoes either as previous poster expressed.

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by commendatore

I used egg beaters or candies for years until switching to shimano xtr. The retention seems worlds better on the shimano at the expense of mud clearance. During one particularly muddy start to the season I tried going back to egg beaters. I did one practice lap and put the shimano back on.

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by MMMhills

I used egg beaters for years. After multiple pedals blowing up on rides and races I finally switched to XTR spd's. I only wish I had switched sooner. about the same weight and soooo much better. Never had problems with mud and clipping in. I use them on my gravel and MTB now.
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by cerro

MMMhills: Eggbeaters and XTR at the same weight? Should have got a better version, my 4Ti is 167g, almost half the XTRweight :) Weightweenies after all :)
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by trimenc

I use candy's on my CX bike and eggbeater's on my MTB. I too, have not gone through any shoes and have not had to replace the pedals yet and they are going on 5 yrs. old.

by Weenie

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by addictR1

I use eggbeaters for all my road and CX bikes

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