Has anyone seen a weight for the '18 trek crockett? (f/f or complete)

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by jcharles00

I'm on the fence about selling my geared and SS CX bikes and consolodating into the crockett. Really curious on pallpark weight. Has anyone seen a measure, or folks that have one - are you able to weigh it?


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by klook

I'm also curious about the frameset weight for the 18' Crockett with sliding dropouts. Anyone got a 52cm they've put on the scales?

by Weenie

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by jfranci3

It's an aluminium off road bike that you're going to cover in dirt. Why are you worried about exact weights?

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by Fisherfreerider

Trek says the 56 Crockett 7 weight 18.6 lbs. They list the 5 at 20.08 and the frameset at 4.9lbs. I assume that is frame, fork, dropout hardware, cable stops, headset, and seat collar.

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by ARAFib

Size 58cm 2018 Trek Crockett weights on my Park Tool digital scale are as follows:

Bare frame with sliding dropout: 1572 grams
Headset: 62 grams
Fullspacer stack, top cap and “star nut”: 52 grams
Fork: 414 grams

Total: 2,100 grams

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