CX/ gravel disc brake calipers (2 vs 4 pistons)

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by wheelsONfire

Anyone, what would you prefer, 2 piston calipers or 4 piston calipers?

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by Weenie

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by jfranci3

In a narrow pad, limited travel bike application? Maybe the only gain would be in optimizing piston sizing and retraction as the single pistons won't wedge. I'd say you'd get a tad better at-the-limit modulation. Really, though how many extended, at the limit, braking events do you ever see on a cx/gravel bike? 0? In order to feel a difference, you'd need long braking events with traction where you have time to make a correction in your grip. This would be a road emergency stop at full power or long decent on any surface.
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by FIJIGabe

I don't think you're going to notice any real difference between 2 and 4 pistons. Where you will notice a difference is 1 vs. 2, just because of the way the pads & rotors will work together.
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