Force/Rival CX1 Power Meter suggestions

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by raggi

Hey there,

I'm planning on getting a CX bike for winter training equipped with either a Force or Rival CX1 1x11 groupset, and I want to get a power meter for it.

I'm currently running a Quarq DZero power meter on my Ultegra di2 equipped road bike and I absolutely love it.

Can I use the same power meter with a single front chainring? Could I use this Quarq Red DZero instead?

Any suggestions for something else that fits with either of these groupsets?

by Weenie

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by Marin

You can mount a 1x ring in the outer position of any 2x crank, so Quark will be fine.

I'm running a Stages left arm on my Force CX1 crank.

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by wheelzqc

I ran a Quarq 1x for cx/gravel, the same that was on my TT bike a few months before. Now with a Stages.

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by DDX

Quarq XX1 Eagle ?
And if you need a bigger chainring : ... 58112.aspx

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by wrenegade

Power2Max should work as well. Have a friend using one with his Rival crank.

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by morganb

wrenegade wrote:Power2Max should work as well. Have a friend using one with his Rival crank.

Yeah if your bike comes with a Force crank the spider should be removable so you can utilize the existing arms.

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by apex

I have been using power2max NG for last 8 months and I am very pleased with the performance.

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by moyboy

I am running a quarq dzero crankset with a force 1 chainring on my 1x setup. No issues. Just used wolf tooth chainring bolts.

by Weenie

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