Tubeless options for CX racing

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by bikeguy0

I'm looking at the Ritchey versions of tubeless CX tires. The Megabite 38c and the Shield 35c for dryer/faster courses.

At 175 lbs I run around 30R, 28F and go up/down from there depending on how rocky or bumpy the course is. The larger volume tires are FAR more appropriate for most racers as the 33c width is only a requirement in UCI races (I race in the US) and 99% of racers in the US at least, don't race UCI races.

I'm at 170 lbs now and really looking at just transitioning to tubeless for all my races. I've raced tubulars for a number of years and while they are good tires they are all 33c width. At my weight it is beneficial to run a larger volume tire, if I break a spoke or a nipple I don't have to pull the tire to fix it, the tires are MUCH cheaper and easier to repair if you flat, and you can have one wheelset and change tires for different courses. The weight is actually the same if you go with a light tubeless race wheelset and you can run a 35 or 38c tire for about the same weight as a 33c tubular tire.

I've had a broken spoke or nipple every year and it turns into a rush during the week to get the tire off enough to fish out the nipple, replace it, re-true the wheel, and then re-glue that section of tire before the next weekend of racing....... and if you can't do all of this yourself you have to hope you can find a shop that will do it before your next race or you're screwed.

I race them hard and am a Cat 3 CX racer in Colorado (which is very competitve) and I've not burped a tire running 30psi on the rear. HOpe that helps.

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by wpccrunner

Im in the same boat as Bikeguy0, except i race in NC. Going tubeles this year year with my new bike, however using Donnelly MXP's for cross and still deciding on wider set for gravel/race spares. Havent heard any bad things about tubeless the last few years. I ran my MXP tubs the last 3 seasons at 25-28 psi and don't see there being an issue bumping that up to just under 30psi.

by Weenie

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I really like the WTB Cross Boss. Rolls very nicely and has excellent grip in corners. I normally run around 30psi and havent burped a tire yet but you do need to be careful with rim strikes at lower pressures. Thats not specific to tubeless obviosuly but as you can run lower pressures without risking a pinch flat its something to keep in mind.

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by FIJIGabe

I'm in much the same boat. I stripped my old tubulars down and moved the hubs to a set of new alloy rims (and then like a glutton for punishment, laced up the tubulars, again, but to a set of cheaper hubs). I plan on running Clement PDX's this season, and once they wear out, I'll probably switch to MXP's, like I have on my tubulars. I do like the fact that the PDX's open up to almost 38mm on my new rims, although they're advertised as only 33c. Given my size (100kg), it's nice to have that extra width.
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by commendatore

What rim is that?

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by FIJIGabe

I'm using H Plus Son "The Hydra" rims, laced to White Industries CLD hubs.
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by wheelzqc

The new Vittoria Terreno line looks good so far. I only tried one of their models and they look like they can take low pressure. I have a Bontrager setup tubeless to compare and my feeling is the Vittoria is a tighter fit to go lower.

Has anyone tried the Clement/Donelly ?

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