Salsa Warbird/Turner Cyclosis/Niner RLT RDO

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by twoangstroms

Hi all -- asking for as-informed-as-can-be-expected opinions or even experiences here.

I'm still in saving-pennies mode, but would like to get more into gravel. Seems the best options as far as fit, assuming a gravel bike should fit similarly to my race (road) bike as as listed above: Salsa Warbird, Turner Cyclosis, Niner RLT RDO (sadly, the non-RDO RLT gives me either a short top tube in a size with good standover, or not a lot of standover in a size with a long enough top tube). The Santa Cruz Stigmata is super sexy but not the best fit, sad to say.

I'm looking to buy stock. If I could even find used or last year's on clearance, I'd be open to that (post-mount brakes aren't too bad, right?).

Should I really care about Rival v. Force? Or just optimize the frame?

And I'm in the States (NorCal, to be more specific), if that matters.

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by morrisond

I just got a 2017 Warbird and built it up with ENVE Cockpit i9 Wheels and Super Record 11-32.

I picked it given it's race winning heritage and refinement and that it's been around for a bit. There wouldn't be so many around if it didn't perform so well on gravel.

For 2017 it also has hidden fender mounts which I consider a real plus.

The Bike has a super ride (Especially with 38mm Compass Bon Pass tires).

That being said - the New Niner RDO looks really slick and I love the 75mm BB. If it was available when I got the Warbird I might have gone that direction - however I really wanted Fender Mounts and I don't think the Niner has them.

In terms of Post mount - personally I think it looks better than direct mount - especially if you don't have to use spacers.

Run whatever group you - in reality the performance between any of them won't really make a difference - buy the one you like the look of or matches your frame.

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by twoangstroms

Thanks for the insight! Saving the $700 difference would be seriously non-trivial for me, so good to know.

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by morrisond

Seriously consider the Aluminum Warbird as well - Half the Price of Carbon and reportedly is 99% as good as the Carbon.

There are a couple of reviews on the Web.

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by Point

Also check out the Mason Bokeh. The frameset is my next purchase once I start my new job.

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by Tamu8104

One thing of note is that for bikes like the Warbirds or Niner RLT, they both have longer chainstay (430). This allows for gobs of tire clearance but they probably won't feel like your road bike. Not nearly as snappy and agile. I have two gravel bikes, one has 422 chainstays and the other has 430 chainstays. The shorter chainstay bike feels more agile but even it isn't as agile as my old Ridley Noah. To get that agility you need to limit the tire size. The more agile bike can't take anything bigger than the 36mm Bon Jon Pass. So be ready for more stable but slower handling or be ready to limit your tire size.

As said above, I don't think you need a carbon frame on a gravel bike. With big tires at lower pressure, you lose the buzz that you need the carbon frame to dampen on the road.

Personally I think the Niner RLT RDO looks the best out of the bikes you mentioned if that matters.
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by wheelsONfire


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