Help fitting a Campag front mech to a top pull Cross frame

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by Lig

Hi all,

I have built loads of Road bikes but this is my first Cross bike....

I am fitting the new 2015 Campag Chorus groupset which includes the S2 front derailleur.

Can someone tell me what I need, some kind of 'pulley', to make this work as the frame has top routed cables.

Thanks in advance,


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by bikerjulio

you need a pulley which sits behind the seat tube. If the frame has a boss, you just screw one on. Or there is this with a clamp
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by Weenie

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by Miller

There is a much better solution than that, if somewhat heretical. Fit a Shimano CX70 top pull front mech - no need for clunky pulleys that will only collect mud. I have a CX70 mech on an otherwise Campag Athena equipped CX frame and it works excellently. It's quite cheap too.
Seriously, this is the way to do it.

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by jcrr

Top pull is the way to go in cross.

+1 with what @Miller said.

Or get an umlenker from: ... store.html
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by pavel

problem solvers pulley will work if your frame will accept it. Otherwise as Miller states above just get a shimano CX70. Should be good to go after a bit of fiddling.

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by Miller

The CX70 works very easily with the Campag ergo and not difficult to set up.

The umlenker is a nice idea but my experience with one was not good. It put a lot of leverage on a little alloy tab on the Campag mech that fairly quickly broke off.

by Weenie

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by Stolichnaya

Or a single chain ring set up?
(Dare I propose this...)

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