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by commendatore

Doesn’t the Robert axle project also list lighter bolt on axles in addition to the trainer axle?

by Weenie

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by kofsw4

The stock RAT axles on my izalco max disc are 64g rear and 54g front so 118g for the set. Not sure how much weight you're really going to save off those. I find them easy to use.

I also have a Robert Axle trainer axle to allow me to use my bike in a turbo. I haven't weighed this but it feels a bit heavier plus the weight of the nut you screw the axle into. It's a good product that I would be lost without but thought it was very expensive for what it is (£50 in the UK)ImageImage

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by commendatore

seenyourcrash wrote:No issues specifically with bearings. I did break a RAT axle though and that turned out to be a great thing. I replaced it with a Robert Axle. They have a kit that allows use on a trainer which was perfect for my Mares. Then I realized they had Lightning Bolt-on axles that saved nearly 100 grams per wheel! Made in the US and really good customer service. Have to give them a shout out.

If the total RAT axle weight is ~120 grams, how did you save 100 grams a wheel?

Is someone’s scale broken?

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by hans21

The R.A.T. part of the thru axle system provided by FOCUS is indeed removable from the frame. You can clearly see it on the pictures on this website ... rat-bikes/.


Once removed there is however no thread in the frame for a "normal" thru axle to be threaded in. So you would need that robert axle project (see first link) product to add in place and then you can use thru axles. The machined part provides thread where a (long enough) through axle can be threaded in.

Since the added part and added length required I doubt this would give you a much lighter solution than the original Focus R.A.T. system.

The intention for this product is to provide something to attach your trainer to. I have a very similar product from kinetic that allows me to add a trainer to a bike that uses thru axles. It comes with several pieces so it can be used with most axle systems. For the Focus R.A.T. system it requires you to remove the R.A.T. specific part from the frame and then use a spacer and finish with a bolt that comes with the extra long trainer axle. For more information on this product see ... A-T-system


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